Successful protest outside Longton Cottage Hospital Today!

An impressive 25 people turned up today to protest outside Longton Cottage Hospital against the attempt to close the hospital. Impressive because the protest was called with just 4 hours notice!

The 25 included people who lived in nearby streets including members of the local Asian and Indian community along with trade unionists and other campaigners.

We had two campaign stalls up, one at each entrance. It was a very effective protest and demonstrated what support this campaign has. Dozens of cars, wagons etc hooted their support as they drove past. Some car drivers even stopped, signed our petition and took away posters.

Longton Cottage protest June 2015 005

Some protesters at one entrance to Longton Cottage Hospital

People also came out of their homes across the road to sign up. Others on their way to work stopped and offered their support.

A reporter from the Sentinel also turned up to take photos and interview some of the protesters.

The majority of those we spoke to said they were coming to the march and rally to Save Longton Cottage Hospital taking place on 11th July.

Despite a climate of management bullying inside the hospital some workers made it known that they were backing the campaign to save Longton Cottage. A petition from inside the hospital was passed out to us with over 50 names on it.

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