Health bosses refuse to confirm hospital’s long term future – JOIN THE MARCH TO SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL!

Local health bosses, rattled by last Tuesday’s SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL protest outside the hospital, called together some of their management team at a venue six miles away on the following day to try to stem the growing opposition to their plans to close Longton Cottage Hospital. But they are still refusing to listen to NHS workers and local people who are incensed by their plans. As a result of this meeting they handed out letters to all of the hospital staff.

UHNS 'queue' May 2015

In this letter the unelected bosses of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust say that they will ‘continue to work with patients, families and colleagues’. But don’t be fooled – their ‘working together’ only refers to achieving their aim of dismantling and closing Longton Cottage Hospital.

Their ‘working with’ patients and families does not include actually listening to what they want – for Longton Cottage to stay open. The more than 3000 people who have already signed petitions to Save Longton Cottage Hospital are being completely ignored.

And their ‘working with’ colleagues includes instructing their hard working staff that they cannot speak publicly about the Trust’s aims to close the hospital!

All this in the name of a ‘new model of care’ from North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) which includes the ‘de-escalation of the bed capacity’. To you and me that means getting rid of more beds. And this at a time when people are often left for hours waiting on trolleys in hospital corridors, the population is growing and people are living longer.

This ‘new model of care’ includes two options. One option is to transfer patients ‘to alternative community hospitals’. Locally that means Bradwell, Leek, Cheadle or the Haywood. Incredibly, they then go on to say, ‘No definitive decisions on any community hospitals or beds have been made at this point’. In other words not only are they aiming to close Longton Cottage as soon as possible but they give no guarantee that Cheadle, Leek, Bradwell or the Haywood will stay open either.

The second option in their ‘new model’ is for patients to be transferred ‘to their own home’ to be cared for. This at a time when this type of care has been cut to the bone with the government planning further cuts of £1 billion!

Their ‘new model’ will in effect result in ‘a new headache’ or worse for NHS staff, patients and their families


Next Thursday 9th July Trust bosses will attempt to sell their plans to the City Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee at 10am at the Civic Centre in Stoke. This committee is made up of 9 local councillors.

Save Longton Cottage Hospital campaign group with the support of 3000 local people is calling on all those councillors to oppose any idea of the closure of Longton Cottage Hospital. Instead they should demand that the Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust and the CCG’s go back to the drawing board and come up with plans that include no loss of much needed hospital beds and no closure of Longton Cottage or any other local community hospitals.

SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL campaigners will be protesting against the Trust’s closure plans outside the Civic Centre next Thursday from 9am and urging the Overview & Scrutiny Committee councillors to back our campaign.

But don’t wait till next Thursday. If you want to urge any or all of the 9 councillors to oppose the closure of Longton Cottage you can do so right now. They are;

Lloyd Brown, Joan Bell, Chris Robinson, David Evans, Sheila Pitt, Melanie Baddeley, Craig Beardmore, Jean Bowers, Sabrina Bowers  …… and you can find their contact details here ……………

The message to the bosses of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Trust and the CCG’s from Longton Cottage staff and NHS service users is quite clear. Our fight to save our Longton Cottage Hospital will continue.

Our march next Saturday will provide a launching pad to strengthen our fight to SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL.



Saturday 11th JULY

  • Assemble at 11am outside Longton Cottage Hospital, Upper Belgrave Rd, Longton ST3 4QX

  • March to rally – 12 noon at The Bandstand, Bennett Precinct, Longton ST3 2HR

Don’t just march yourself – get your friends, family workmates etc to march as well!

If you can’t do the march then be at the Bandstand for the end of march rally at 12 noon

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