Message of support from NORTH STAFFS PCS

Public and Commercial Services Union

To Longton Cottage Hospital Campaign Group

Date: 7-Jul-15

To all campaigners in the Save Longton Cottage Hospital Group,

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) would like to send a message of solidarity to the Save Longton Cottage Hospital Campaign Group. We stand in full support of workers and patient groups who find their jobs and services under threat.

The NHS was born on 05th July 1948 and has provided both comfort and care for our Society. It was a hugely ambitious project and one we can thank the post war generation for having the strength and foresight to create.  NHS services are as vital today to our communities as they were in 1948 and the current cost saving threats of privatization and closure instill fear into the Health system for both staff and patients alike. These services were hard won by previous generations and may be lost in a heartbeat if we fail to stand up for them.

Aneurin Bevan said that the NHS “would last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it”. And fight we must to protect our services for generations to come. Nobody wants to see a healthcare system that depends on your postcode or one where it depends on sufficient insurance to cover bills. Our communities must demand the Government maintain a Universal service, Free at the point of access, for us all. A service that is at the heart of every community.

PCS knows more than most about threats to jobs and services with over 90,000 civil service jobs cut since the Tory Government came to power in 2010. We have lost hundreds of jobs in the Stoke-on-Trent area throughout DWP and HMRC. Our Union too has faced an existential attack but has come through as a stronger campaigning organization. We believe it is time that we demand better and stronger public services for all and fight every cut.

PCS therefore pledge our full support and that of our members to your campaign. Your Fight for services is the communities fight, and our fight too. With commitment and strength will we find the way.

Yours in Solidarity,

Peter Rofe

Branch Secretary

North Staffs PCS

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