SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL is calling upon the North Staffs CCG and Stoke-on-Trent CCG along with the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust to carry out a full, honest and open consultation with maximum involvement of NHS staff and local residents included in the discussion and decision making process.

To achieve this aim we think the following is necessary;

That they make a clear and public commitment that all beds at Longton Cottage Hospital will remain open and in use at least until the end of the consultation period. How can a serious consultation possibly take place about whether to close beds when they have already been closed?

That the consultation process should include public meetings in all the local areas that surround Longton Cottage Hospital. These public meetings should include an equal number of speakers from both sides of the argument given an equal amount of time to put their case. This to be followed by questions and contributions from local residents.

That a final decision on closure of Longton Cottage Hospital’s beds and the future of the Hospital should be made through a referendum of all those who live and work in the area surrounding the Hospital itself. Local families have paid into the NHS for generations and should therefore, after listening to both sides of the argument, have a say in the future of Longton Cottage Hospital.

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