The Save Longton Cottage Hospital campaign group has received an invitation to meet with Marcus Warnes – Interim Accountable Officer for North Staffs CCG so that he can explain to us in more detail the plans they have for Longton Cottage Hospital and the ‘new model’ of care that they are aiming to introduce.

But how can any serious discussion or consultation take place between us about whether to keep Longton Cottage’s beds open when there is already a plan in place to close all the beds on 16 August two months before the consultation begins?

We believe that an honest and meaningful discussion can only take place if the threat to close the beds in this way is removed. Therefore, we feel we have no alternative at this stage but to meet with Marcus Warnes only if he, the CCG’s and hospital Trust commit to a serious consultation by pledging to keep all Longton Cottage beds open and in use at least until the end of the consultation period. This must also include the retention of all staff at Longton Cottage Hospital.

  • We have written to Marcus Warnes explaining our position and look forward his response

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