“Help us keep our Community Hospitals open”

The view of a local NHS worker ……….

“So …… health bosses have invested 10 million pounds into community Care have they?  So …… where is the evidence to prove that? I feel I need to ask that particular question because I have spoken to several people over the past few weeks and they have told me that district nursing is in turmoil. That there are so few now and they certainly have not witnessed any injection of monies at all!

There have been no recruitments or extra training of staff. . . . and district nursing consists of ‘dashing from one patient to another’ and ‘not having enough time to  assess the needs of each individual’.  

Yet . . . . . . . . . this is what OUR NHS proposes  for our future! They say that if our ageing relatives are taken ill, instead of us taking care of them in our community hospitals until they’re well enough to return home safely, they have decided that it would be better  just  to treat them in their own homes and a district nurse or carer to pop in now and again to check on their recovery!

Is this what we really want for our ageing relatives, who I might add, have paid national insurance all their lives to pay for their NHS service?  To the health chiefs, I ask you to search your conscience. Is this really a better way forward or will  we be going back to  1930s when our old folk,when taken ill, just took to their beds and faded away?  We need to have a safe environment for our relatives to feel respected and cared for . . . . . . . .  DONT WE ??


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