Health Bosses Snub local pensioners!

Health bosses Marcus Warnes and Stuart Poyner keep talking about how they want to carry out consultation over the future of Longton Cottage Hospital and all our other local community hospitals.

So why did they refuse to take up an invite from North Staffs Pensioners Convention to attend their monthly meeting yesterday to outline their ‘new model’ of delivering care? Why did they effectively stick two fingers up to local pensioners who constitute a large proportion of those who need the beds provided by Longton Cottage and other local hospitals?

They said that they had not seen an email inviting them to the meeting until yesterday and were therefore unable to attend. You couldn’t make this stuff up! They expect to be given the authority to make fundamental changes to our health care with their so called ‘new model’ when they can’t even manage their own email accounts properly!

The truth is that these people have no intention of carrying out an open, honest and democratic consultation. They plan to railroad through any changes which fit in with the larger plan to dismantle and privatise our NHS against the massive opposition which exists.

They know that 99.9% of local people who pay for and therefore own Longton Cottage Hospital do not want the beds or the Hospital closed. They know that over 5,000 people have already signed the many petitions against what they are planning to do. That local people have marched to save Longton Cottage Hospital.

They don’t care that hard working Longton Cottage workers who actually look after patients every day are being treated as if they are servants who can be ordered about at the whim of unelected Health bosses.

Fortunately we know our NHS workers are heroes and we will fight to defend them, our hospitals and the NHS. If the unelected Health boss Marcus Warnes left the NHS tomorrow then the excellent care provided by the staff at Longton Cottage would continue as if he had never existed and we would be saving the more than £100,000 a year he gets paid for contributing nothing at all to the heath of patients. If Longton Cottage beds remain closed or the Hospital is privatised or closed that would be a step backwards for us all.

Join our fight to save Longton Cottage Hospital and our NHS.


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