“We are going to fight you every step of the way!”

A message to North Staffs and Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Groups ……………

“I’m an ex nurse and still keep up to date with the NHS nursing news and have seen that in the last year the CCG’s have agreed that it’s only fair that elderly people should NOW BEG a NHS panel for hearing aids. But they have also told doctors to withhold and in some cases deny much needed hip/knee replacements.

SLCH July 2015 march 7Now they plan to close Longton Cottage community hospital too for a new model health care plan which I can assure you won’t work as they don’t have nurses for a caring at home system.

Here’s a radical idea ……. Try training nurses instead of employing 20 agency staff at £1000 per shift. That will save you the £20,000 a week that you say you need to save the NHS!

Why are the CCG’s deliberately targeting the elderly population who have paid for this NHS – is it because you think they can’t fightback? Well newsflash CCG, the Socialist Party and TUSC will stand up and fight for the elderly community whether you like it or not!! We are going to fight you very step of the way as we have had enough of being pushed around and being told what we will do whether we like it or not!!

Time to fight the austerity and let them know we won’t be pushed around anymore!!!”

Miss V Newbury


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