Local Health bosses forced to face anger of local people!

Just a week after snubbing North Staffs Pensioners Convention, local Health bosses have now agreed to attend a public meeting organised by the SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL campaign group.

Clearly they feel the need to ward off the growing anger at their closing of hospital beds at Longton Cottage. In fact, to them, the ‘closing’ of beds actually means removing them from the hospital! They are already doing it and moving staff as well. So much for their ‘consultation’ about beds!

In fact, these highly paid Health bosses who this morning confirmed that they would attend our public meeting have, in the afternoon, shipped out all three people who have committed the crime of occupying the last three remaining beds in the hospital! All the beds are now closed. All the patients discharged. All before their ‘consultation’ about closing beds has started!

Despite this, we are very pleased that Health bosses, Marcus Warnes, Stuart Poynor and Andrew Bartlam have all said that they will be coming to our public meeting next Monday. It will give them their first opportunity to hear why thousands across the city and beyond are enraged at their attempt to dismantle Longton Cottage Hospital, their treatment off it’s hard working staff and patients and their refusal to guarantee it’s future or the future of other local hospitals in Cheadle, Leek, Bradwell and the Haywood.

Local people will have the opportunity to challenge them. But there will also be speakers representing SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL arguing the case to re-open all beds and to guarantee the future of Longton Cottage and other local community hospitals. These will include Irene Sutton an ex Longton Cottage senior nurse who was shipped out just a week ago along with beds and Andy Bentley who is the TUSC regional organiser.

Working class people had to fight to get the NHS. Now we have to fight to save it from those who want it dismantled and privatised.




SLCH - protest outside CCG - signing the petition

Monday 17 August 2015 – 7pm St Gregory Church, Heathcote Rd, Longton ST3 2JU

We need YOU to come along to tell local Health bosses Marcus Warnes, Stuart Poyner and Andrew Bartlam what YOU think of their plans to close our beds and hospital!

This will be the first of many similar public meetings across Stoke-on-Trent. If you want a public meeting in your area to build support for the fight to stop the closure of Longton Cottage then please get in touch. We can help you make this happen.

Call or text 07845893607 now

Marcus Warnes is the Chief Operating Officer at the North Staffs Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Andrew Bartlam is Clinical Accountable Officer at Stoke-on-Trent CCG

Stuart Poyner is Chief Executive Officer of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust

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