‘Shock’ headline in today’s Sentinel – “Beds may not be axed due to lack of carers”!!!

Check out the Sentinel article here …………………..

Finally, local Health Bosses are being forced to grasp what we have been telling them for months! That adequate ‘care in the community’, which is the main feature of their ‘new model’ of care, does not currently exist. And in a climate where the government is trying to force through £22 billion more NHS cuts then it’s extremely unlikely that sufficient funding will be provided.

But how could highly paid Health Bosses have failed to understand this? The fact is that small details like this are of little importance to them. Their remit is to carry out the government’s plans to dismantle and privatise the NHS. Small details like actually delivering the care which they claim will ‘solve the problem’ are of only secondary importance to them.

What is primary is the drive to cut, close or privatise the more profitable parts of OUR NHS.

In the Sentinel article Health Boss Marcus Warnes is credited with saying that there had been general support from the public for what they are doing. What planet does this man inhabit!

He is well aware that 9,000 local people have signed a petition against closing the beds at Longton Cottage Hospital. What evidence does he have to back up his claim that there is ‘general support’? We have asked for this information many times but he refuses to provide it because it does not exist.

In an attack on NHS workers and the excellent care they provide, Marcus Warnes has also called wards ‘warehouses for old people’ because these ‘old people’ have the temerity to ‘languish’ in beds for too long.

Even here Marcus Warnes is found wanting because his ‘solution’ to the problem of ‘languishing in beds’ is to force patients who NEED care out into care in the community which doesn’t exist! In other words, for him it’s a question of replacing what are ‘warehouses’ in his mind with a type of ‘care’ which can justifiably be described in the real world as a ‘wasteland’ – that is, almost no care at all.

And hard working NHS staff and millions of ordinary workers across the country are being forced to stump up over £100,000 a year to pay the wages of this man.

Local Health Bosses like Marcus Warnes will continue to try to impose the plans of the Tory government. That’s what they are paid for.

And SAVE LONTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL campaign group will continue to fight to stop them destroying OUR NHS.

We have invited Marcus Warnes and another two other local enforcers of Tory government plans to close Longton Cottage and other local hospitals to our second real consultation public meetings ………….

Mon 28 September 2015

7pm – Florence Sports & Social, Lightwood Rd, Longton ST3 4JS

We need YOU to come along to tell them what YOU think of their plans to close OUR beds and OUR hospital!

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