It’s our NHS and it’s not for sale!!!!!

In light of the recent media campaign launched by Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, which was basically a vitriolic attack on junior doctors, it comes as no surprise that the CCG and SSOTP believe that they can ride roughshod over the concerns and skepticism of the people.

When you have the person responsible for health policy running a campaign of dark propaganda against the people who keep the NHS alive, be they doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists, technical staff or cleaners, it gives the green light to people like Warnes, Poyner and the rest of the privatisation hit squad to simply ignore public opinion and drive through the so-called ‘service improvements’, which in reality we all know are obstacle clearing programmes, to smooth the way for the private health sector and force upon the population the much vaunted ‘American System.’ In a country of 250 million, 46 million cannot afford basic healthcare, the legal definition of which is,’Access to a GP and emergency medical treatment.’

That’s the future of healthcare in this country, if we allow Longton Cottage to become yet another statistic in the erosion of public services. People will suffer needlessly, they will become more ill as a result and yes, people will die.

And for what, so that a select group can get richer? Longton Cottage isn’t just a local issue. It’s a chance to take a stand and tell the thieves in their ivory towers to back off. It’s our NHS, it’s not for sale!!!!!”

By John Morrey – TUSC candidate for Meir South in last May’s council elections



Join the protest at Longton Fire Station 8.30am Wed 14 OCT

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