“Shortage of beds – worst is yet to come”

According to a recent report, Hospitals are reporting significant problems discharging patients. In some areas, 20% of hospital beds are occupied by patients ready to leave hospital but cannot be discharged because of a lack of community services available to care for them. See more here …

Royal College of Emergency Medicine president Dr Cliff Mann predicts the “worst is yet to come”.

He says, “The majority of hospitals have endeavoured to increase the number of beds available to cope. Despite this, elective operations have had to be cancelled and postponed as bed capacity is insufficient to cope.”

So why have our local Health Bosses spent TWO YEARS carrying out an expensive and sham consultation to force the closure of 37 valuable beds at Longton Cottage Hospital?

SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL has said from day one that the NHS Health Bosses so called consultation is merely a marketing exercise for what they have already decided to do. That is, to do what they are paid to do ā€“ dismantle and privatise our NHS.

Their six public ‘consultation’ events are now over. They have taken place, in the Moat House, Etruria, Fenton Manor, Longton, Leek, Bentilee and Cheadle. We estimate that less than 50 ordinary local people have attended these meetings in total.

Why have local people shunned their events? Because, we don’t like being conned! Health Bosses have failed to answer crucial questions surrounding their ‘consultation’. How can a serious consultation be carried out about closing the beds at Longton Cottage when they have already been closed! And how can they claim that their ‘New model’ of care in the community is viable when, “patients ready to leave hospital but cannot be discharged because of a lack of community services available to care for them” is the real situation which exists right now – before further cuts to NHS funding?

SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL demonstrated how a real, meaningful consultation should have been carried out at our first consultation public event in Longton on 17 August. That is, with representatives of Local Health Bosses AND of those opposed to their plans given an equal opportunity to put forward their cases for and against.

This is one reason why there was almost three times more local people at this one event than at all of their 6 public ‘consultation’ events added together.

And the unanimous rejection of their proposals at our Longton public meeting was one reason why all of their 6 events were stage-managed to limit the attendance and make sure that they were strictly controlled. Read a detailed report of their Moat House event here.


After the consultation sham ā€¦.

“Where next in the fight to save Longton Cottage Hospital?ā€

Monday 30 November at 7.30pm in OUR BAR, London Rd, Stoke.

All Welcome

One thought on ““Shortage of beds – worst is yet to come”

  1. The consultation exercise was, as predicted, a total sham. It had about as much validity as ‘My City, My Say’ talking shops under the previous city council.(any who attended one of those events will remember them as completely meaningless) The purpose of such events is to give the impression that your voice matters and will be heard, while the reality is this: The decisions are already made. The ‘process’ of consultation is a legal requirement, not something that official bodies choose to do. Any dissenting voices will not be heard,(just check the CCG official website, nothing but good reports and promises that they are listening). I’ve said previously that we will need to step up the campaign. I believe that now is the time to do just that. The CCG, along with their cohorts in the SSOTP and NHS England are determined to push through the privatisation of public health services, regardless of public opinion. They’re doing the dirty work at the behest of the tory crooks in Westminster, they’ve chosen corrupt politicians over the people. It’s time for the people to strike back, and strike hard.

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