“Delays at A&E can’t go on” – Time to re-open beds at Longton Cottage!

In the Sentinel 22nd December 2015 under the headline, “36 hospital beds open to prevent winter crisis”, an unnamed ‘NHS official’ told us, “Last year the health care economy experienced severe winter pressures which resulted in unacceptable waiting times for patients accessing A&E.

This is why we have spent much of the last year planning a number of measures to help the system work better for patients and staff”.

Since then we have seen the winter’s first patient to wait on a trolley in A&E for more than 12 hours. In the Sentinel 9th January under the heading “Delays at A&E can’t go on” we are now told by CCG chief officer Marcus Warnes that, “Significant measures have been taken by partners to address the challenge but the sustained improvements expected have not happened as planned.

Despite best efforts from all we are just not making progress. We are certainly better placed now than at this time last year as a huge amount of work has been done to re-shape the system but there are still cases of people being in the wrong place clinically.”

But Marcus Warnes along with others running our local CCG’s are the ones responsible for closing 37 beds at Longton Cottage Hospital and refusing to reopen them despite the obvious need for extra beds. They have spent over a year and hundreds of thousands of pounds carrying out a so called consultation. This ‘consultation’ is basically designed to convince people that we don’t need those beds and that we don’t really need Longton Cottage or all our other local hospitals.

Now they talk about bringing in ‘experts’ to sort out this mess. But ‘experts’ are not needed. There are empty wards at Longton Cottage and beds in ‘storage’. Surely it’s quite simple! Re-open those wards, bring the beds out of storage to be used whenever they are needed to take pressure of the A&E. In this way potential fatalities could be prevented BEFORE they actually take place.

Read more at: http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Outside-help-failing-E-Royal-Stoke/story-28476721-detail/story.html#ixzz3wp6eTpPW

2 thoughts on ““Delays at A&E can’t go on” – Time to re-open beds at Longton Cottage!

  1. If everything is that much of a mess and Marcus Warnes has taken over 1 year & hundreds of thousands of tax payers pounds to create this mess then he should be sacked! At the very least he should resign? If he must call in ‘experts’ to sort out his year long ‘mess?’ Then what the hell is he doing in a job he is clearly unqualified to do & even more incompetent? The CCG’s are fully responsible for this debacle & a campaign should be set up to call for their resignations! Every single one of the CCG’s!!! In a time of austerity they’ve spent £1000’s of tax payers money, during which time 8 people died in corridors on trolley’s at Stoke Royal while they closed any chance they had of being saved via closing wards & putting the beds that were needed into storage!!! It’s an absolute disgrace!!!

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  2. As we know, Marcus is leaving Stoke CCG to take the full time role in charge of North Staffs CCG, covering Newcastle Borough and Staffs Moorlands. As ever, he, like many before him will simply walk away from the mess he oversaw in Stoke-on-Trent, leaving his successor to pick up the pieces and trot out the usual platitudes;’Mistakes were made, lessons must be learned, the previous administration faced a difficult set of economic circumstances, blah! blah! yadda! yadda!….’ The only way to ensure that healthcare in this city, the entire country, is to remove the profit element. Kick the private sector out and run the NHS, OUR NHS for the benefit of the people, paid for collectively to be used at the time of need, without the need to consider whether you have adequate insurance, without the need to consider the profit margin to keep the shareholders happy. That’s the direction the current/previous government and the New Labour mob before them want to take the NHS in. We can stop them, but only if we fight for OUR NHS!!!

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