SLCH July 2015 march 15

After our march an organised fight to Save Longton Cottage Hospital (SLCH) will be stepped up. Since the campaign was launched by Longton Cottage Hospital workers along with other NHS staff and supported by local activists, Stoke Socialist Party and the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) almost 5,000 people have signed petitions and thousands of leaflets have gone out to workplaces, shops and to local homes.

If the planned removal of hospital beds from Longton Cottage takes place it will signal the end of the Hospital itself. A profit hungry NHS administration won’t keep Longton open for long if it has no beds or they may look to sell it off to a private company. And if they get away with it, which local hospital will be next – Cheadle, Bradwell, Leek or the Haywood?

We can’t trust any of the establishment parties – Tory, Lib Dem, Labour or UKIP – to stop the dismantling and privatisation of our NHS.

Working class people had to fight to get the NHS. Now we have to fight to keep the NHS as WE want it – fully publicly owned and adequately equipped and staffed!

On 11th July we marched to save Longton Cottage Hospital. The march itself was a success and a declaration that our fight to save our hospital from closure by health bosses will not go away.

We urge you all to join with us.

What you can do to help


  • Put a SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL poster up in your window, local community buildings, shop, pub, workplace etc

  • Sign our on-line petition at and get your friends, workmates to do the same

  • Deliver leaflets or get names on petitions

  • Send letters to the Sentinel on line at

  • Get your trade union, community association etc to back the campaign to Save Longton Cottage Hospital. We can send someone from the campaign to your next meeting.

  • Contact your local councillors here and MP’s here to find out what they can do to support our campaign.

Come along to our campaign meetings – 7.30pm every Monday at OUR BAR, 279 London Rd, Stoke ST4 5AG

Please get in touch with SAVE LONGTON COTTAGE HOSPITAL to get leaflets, posters petitions or for more info at:

Email –

Website –

Phone – 07845893607 or 07958332822

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