Not enough beds – operations cancelled again!

Problem? “Planned operations have been cancelled because critical care beds are swamped with victims of a flu outbreak. The routine cases were called off as no beds were left for them to be moved to for recovery after leaving theatre.” See the Sentinel 22 March here …..

Conclusion? We do not have enough beds to deal with an outbreak of flu. But there is an ‘outbreak of flu’ every year at some point.

Answer? Re-open beds at Longton Cottage Hospital, scrap ongoing plans to close more beds and provide sufficient beds to ensure that there is never a shortage of beds again.

One thought on “Not enough beds – operations cancelled again!

  1. They were warned on numerous occasions, by we running the campaign, by the Council Health Scrutiny Committee and by the general public who attended both our meetings and the CCG’s sham consultation exercise. Closing the beds at ANY LOCAL HOSPITAL will have dire consequences, in the event of a flu outbreak, a major incident or, as we see on a daily basis, the overwhelming workload being placed on the staff and resources of UHNS(I refuse to call it ‘Royal Stoke’). The warnings went unheeded, the CCG(service commissioners) and the SSOTP(service providers) in their collective bubble, pressing ahead with their drive to cut services more and more, so that they can tell the Department of Health that they’re good little axe swingers and healthcare in Stoke-on-Trent is all set to be privatised. All those who attended the meeting at St. Gregory’s Church in Longton, 17th August last year, will recall the words of Stuart Poyner, head of the SSOTP, and I quote;”We don’t have enough ‘private sector providers’ in the region to meet demand.” This was then compounded by his follow up comment;”The problem with hospital beds is that, the more you have, the more people fill them!” This is all part of the drive towards a privatised NHS, be in no doubt about that. We cannot and must not let them succeed.

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